Damage inspection survey

When a vessel suffers structural, engine, water, fire, or electrical damage – it’s impossible to gauge the extent of the impact at first glance.  Hiring a professionally trained and experienced marine surveyor is critical to effectively diagnose which systems and structural components were affected at the time the damage occurred, as well as during the time after the incident.  Depending on the nature of the damage, other systems can be affected over time, often not easily detected unless a trained eye is present.  Scott Virgin  has over a decade of experience evaluating, repairing, and restoring vessels which have been damaged – his experience as an ABYC Certified Master Marine Tech provides an unparalleled “edge” when it comes to inspecting damaged vessels and determining which systems were affected. Scott intimately understands what’s required to repair damaged vessels and can accurately assess the financial and functional impact damage has on a vessel.

Damage surveys are typically required to serve as critical documentation during legal disputes, insurance settlements, or following a critical incident on or off the water. The goal of a damage survey is to thoroughly catalog the extent of the sustained damage and to gauge the impact that damage has had on other marine systems. Forensic evaluation is an important aspect of a damage survey and is a process which requires a “trained eye” to understand what happened and the long term repercussions on the vessel.

Our damage survey’s typically include:

  • Forensic inspection of damaged components and documentation
  • Meticulous hull, deck, and electrical systems inspection
  • Fiberglass and structural rigidity testing
  • Testing and inspection for contaminants, foreign objects, or chemical presence

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