Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey/Inspection

Before you purchase a vessel, it’s critical to diligently assess all aspects of the vessel.

Pre-purchase & insurance marine survey is by far the most extensive survey process, as it requires the surveyor to formally and methodically evaluate each major system and structure. This typically requires a full engine analysis, including compression testing and computer diagnostics, an evaluation of the vessel’s electrical system (inspection for corrosion, potential fire hazards, and functionality), Barcol hardness testing (which validates the rigidity/durability of a vessel’s critical structural components), rigging inspection to affirm operational capability, and thorough hull inspection.

The goal of a pre-purchase vessel survey is to provide a prospective boat buyer with documentation to confirm that a vessel is free of operational hazard, sea worthy, appropriately valued, and free of defect or damage, Pre-purchase surveys are also intended to provide the prospective boat buyer (or seller) with indication of issues which may become a problem over time.

Our pre-purchase vessel survey typically includes (but is not limited to) the following services:

  • Meticulous Hull, Deck, and Systems Inspection (200 point checklist)
  • In-water Inspection
  • Out of water Inspection
  • Complete Engine Diagnostics/Compression Test/Computer Diagnostics
  • Engine Oil Analysis (tests for “foreign” materials)
  • Complete Engine, Transmission, and Generator Survey
  • Moisture Meter Testing
  • Corrosion and Stray Current Meter Testing
  • Barcol Hardness Testing (characterizes the hardness of materials)
  • Mast Rigging and Sail Inspection, if applicable
  • Sea Trial (vessel is tested against factory specs)
  • Carbon Monoxide & Combustible Gas Monitoring & Detection
  • Engine Safety Inspection
  • Camera Snake inserted into all thru hulls, exhaust, and inspection plates
  • Engine Diagnostic Scan Tool & Manometer Test
  • List of Deficiencies and Recommendations
  • Fair Market Value and Replacement Value

Pre-Purchase Survey
Insurance Survey
Damage Survey
Repair inspection
Corrosion Inspection
Cargo Loading Survey
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